How to eat a pancake

 Last post of the day;I promise!! 🙂 If you went to Kiersten’s blog below and looked at the pictures you saw this one

This is how I like to eat my pancakes which is very helpful when you have gestational diabetes or just like a well-balanced meal.  You take your pancake which really should be a whole wheat buttermilk pancake because they really are the best and good for you.  On top of your pancake you pile on some cottage cheese.  I have this weird thing where I have to have mine slightly sugared; a mere sprinking will do it. THen add a little flax meal (or not), and top with strawberries  or blueberries.  Eat and enjoy.  Sometimes I also spread a thin layer of allfruit on the pancake before the cottage cheese.  Let me know if you try it.


2 responses to “How to eat a pancake

  1. I have nothing nice to say, so I’ll just say nothing at all!

  2. The great thing is…that doesn’t look healthy AT ALL! Looks can be deceiving!

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