A letter to Marian

Dear Marian,

  My children were quite insistent that I post this on my blog.  Cara Beth had a great time at lunch today.  For dessert we had banana splits a la Peggy.  Cara Beth LOVED hers.  Since you weren’t there to take any pictures, Kiersten took care of that for you.  First Cara Beth developed a beard:

But don’t worry, she knew to try to lick it off rather than shave it!!!! She was quite a cute mess!!!



4 responses to “A letter to Marian

  1. Welcome to the WordPress Darkside, Rachel. Bwaa-haa-haa!

  2. Rachel, Wade told me on the phone yesterday about Cara Beth and the ice cream and the first thing I said was, “OH NO! what did I lay out for her to wear??? ….OH Wade… it was a dress Rachel made.” He immediately started calming me down saying, “Its already in the wash and I put Spray-n-Wash on it. Its OK. ” Thanks Kiersten for taking pictures.

  3. Micah says, “That silly little girl can really get messy.”

  4. Even all messy, she’s still so very beautiful!

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