Testing out my new camera

It is nice to be able to take pictures quickly!! The kids were outside playing house. They set up all these different homes for their dolls and stuffed animals and while I hate to say it, I think Jack gets into the most!! Anne Michal can only play it for so long and then she has to come in and get a book. ANyway, We have a little tykes basketball goal that rarely gets used for basketball but is more often a vehicle or space ship. Here are some pictures of them driving in the van to the store with their “children.” Both Anne michal and Jack are drivers and the wagon on the side is a sidecar.

** I have no idea why the pictures loaded so small. I am still trying to figure out wordpress!!! If you click on the pictures it will display a larger image. **


4 responses to “Testing out my new camera

  1. Look at the format when you upload photos. It will give the options of thumbnail, file, and actual size (I think). It looks like you uploaded them with the thumbnail option.

  2. in my google reader — I see 7 photos.

    HERE on your bog… I only see 2. And they are not small… averageish size.

    I look a bunch of photos yesterday — messing around with the settings — thinking of you. LOL I look b&w photos of the dog.

    I did the color substitute with some tulips. That was pretty. I can’t wait to see what all you do for fun with this.

  3. I know; I went back and reloaded them as full-size and while I inserted 7 pictures it only showed 2….I am so not good at this stuff.

  4. Well, the two that are showing are great AND are normal size. I think you’re doing just fine. You’ve seen how many picture I even attempt to put on my blog. NOT!

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