Soccer pics

I wish I could say we won, but I can’t. I can’t even tell you the score it was that bad….Something to 1. WE did play a hard game and the team we were playing were a tournament team so they were tough. I am still figuring out the picture thing so they aren’t in the order that I want them to be so I’ll just comment on them as I go.

First….Jon helps coach but head guy was gone today. At one point Jack said, “Daddy must not have a very good plan because they are losing.”

fighting for the ball; she plays tough

This is the “I just made a goal face!”  Once she scored, the other coach kept two defenders on her at all times.

Where is Anne MIchal you ask?  She is behind #11.  Her next kick scores.

THese two fought it out a lot.

throwing the ball in



5 responses to “Soccer pics

  1. Way to score Anne Michal!

  2. ACTION SHOT!! What do you think… can you zoom in enough? Do you like it?

    Did you get a tripod or anything?

    Great Job Anne Michal! 2 defenders… like… that’s so unfair. LOL

  3. YEA!!!

    Great job!!!

  4. Good job Anne-Michal! You make us all proud!

  5. Way to go!!! I especially love the intensity of pictures 2 and 3! 🙂

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