Decoupage Laundry tubs


We like to use those dishwashing pans to put folded laundry in so that the kids can easily carry their laundry to their rooms without dropping unders and socks all along the way.  We decided we needed to move up to some bigger tubs so we bought some new ones and some modge podge and the kids decorated their tubs with their names and scrapbooking supplies.  Despite the fact that the stuff is not staying on very well (heehee) they had a lot of fun decorating them.  Hopefully the designs will last a while!


2 responses to “Decoupage Laundry tubs

  1. Hey, I love the idea of having tubs for children to transport their laundry in! Where do you store them when they are not holding laundry?

  2. Theoretically they are to remain stacked up in the laundry room.

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