Just to Tease…

You never know, but the very next blog post could have a picture of Anderson #6.  For whatever reason, speculation has it that he will have blond hair and blue eyes and look like his daddy.  Where would people get that idea??


6 responses to “Just to Tease…

  1. Are you writing this from the hospital Rachel Anderson? If it weren’t midnight, I’d be calling you right now.

  2. no..my couch

  3. you know, it’s funny….I have the same thing said about me.

    But you know, it gives a good excuse for us while preggers….we can be ditzy, because we’re carrying a BLONDE. The blonde affects us more from inside than our own brown hair does! ::giggle::

  4. I thought AMA looked like her mother! You never know…it could happen again!

  5. Good point Kiersten.

  6. Kiersten has retracted her statement to be that she may look like me now(everyone is entitled to their own opinion) but as a baby she looked just like her daddy!

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