In case you haven’t notice I have been commenting.  I am NOT in the hospital; I was simply saying I may have him soon and may have nothing else to say before he comes, and I do plan to post a picture as soon as I am able.  I am a terribly impatient person when it comes to other peoples’ births so I will cater to all impatientence to the best of my ability.


4 responses to “Clarification

  1. Very exciting times around the Anderson house!! And thank you for catering to our need for pictures of #6!!

  2. Good, because I am constantly wondering when you’re “going to go”. 🙂 Can’t wait to see him!

  3. Thanks for catering to “us”. It is, afterall, all about “us”. 😉

  4. Can’t wait to see the new little Anderson! We’ll be praying for you as his/her arrival looms! We love you guys. By the way, your kids are as precious as ever!

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