I know this pictures isn’t very clear, but this is Anne Michal’s final countdown.  Weeks ago she started keeping a daily countdown until my due date, and Jack and she would faithfully x off each date.  Yesterday she decided that she needed to start an hour countdown to my scheduled induction for Thursday at 6AM.  This paper holds that countdown and again, Jack and she have been faithfully xing the hours off all day.  They aren’t excited at all. 😉 


4 responses to “COUNTDOWN

  1. It’s a full moon tonight, so you may just go into labor a few hours before the inducing. . .all of our boys were born on the full moon, by the way. 😉

  2. That is soo sweet! Love the graph paper.

  3. We’re praying–and are VERY excited–for y’all. I am looking forward to meeting the little guy.

    Enjoy a good night’s sleep to-night.

  4. Thursday, that’s like, today. I’ve been a little out of it. Hope I’ll get the chance to meet him before we leave this hot place.

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