Jack’s Thoughts

Creed was fussing; Jack says, “I think he needs a [stuffed] animal or to play.”

“Mom, he sure does sleep a lot.  He misses all the good playing!”

Now, if we can just get him to consistently call him Creed and not Christian.


6 responses to “Jack’s Thoughts

  1. Funny Jack…what a SMILE!

  2. And when will you quit calling your children by your other children’s names? : ) He is a great big brother, even if a bit confused.

  3. Love that picture!!!

  4. I love that face Jack is making! So fun. Talked to Jon at art camp today and I’ll be by to pick up Emma tomorrow morning around 830ish. Works out well for everyone!

  5. Oh, what a funny kid that Jack is :).

  6. You can always count on Happy Jack to provide a Kodak Moment!

    By the way, could his and Creed’s noses look anymore similar?

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