Do they look alike?


13 responses to “Do they look alike?

  1. Those Anderson genes are stronger than I thought!

  2. Creed is a clever fellow to be able to imitate his father that way at such a young age.

  3. Oh my goodness gracious… that’s hilarious!

    I see the lights on in the back ground — I’m praying their reactions is not from lack of sleep. LOL As long as you all have your sense of humor — I think you are doing fine. :giggle:

    Your commentors here are a riot — so fun to see that you have clever friends. 😉

  4. THAT is hilarious. Anna-Kate and I shared a laugh together. Thanks.

  5. This deserves to be memorialized in marble or granite–would that I were a sculptor with skill!

  6. Thanks for starting my day off with a good laugh!

  7. Jon is overcoming his internet shyness pretty well, I’d say! LOL

  8. A guaranteed comment-laden blog – kudos! I think Jon got like that the last time he missed a meal…

  9. Oh my…that is funny. Qué chistoso pues.

  10. Definitely. ROTFLOL.

  11. The likeness is stunning! Frame worthy, I say. I smiled. Thank you.

  12. The boys just saw it and ROARED.

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