Creed’s first worship service

     One of the things that Pastor Wade said in his sermon today was that we need to be purposeful with our beliefs so we can be purposeful with our actions.    One of our hopes for Creed(and all our children) are that they know what we believe and they see it lived out in a way that it is easy for them to adopt those same beliefs and put them into action.  We believe that Sundays are a day to be set aside for worship and a sabbath rest; not work (and I am not talking about works of necessity), not competition, or anything else that prevents us from participation in worship with our fellow believers at our church.  If we do anything else that prevents us from worship, prevents us from being purposeful in our beliefs and purposeful in our actions and sends our children a mixed message that says mom and dad say worship is important; that honoring the Sabbath is important, but their actions say otherwise.  So today Creed  worshiped with the body of belieivers at Westminster Presbyterian Church,  and may he grow up to live a life that deems Sabbath worship important just as God has instructed us.


3 responses to “Creed’s first worship service

  1. Oh Rachel, Not only is he completely adorable, he is also a really really good baby, he didn’t make a peep! I wanted to come get a peek at him so badly! What a special day for your family to worship together with the newest member.

  2. He is sweet, Rachel, and what a wonderful blessing to introduce him to the creeds of your faith.

  3. Love, love, love, his sweet little outfit!

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