Yard work

Jack working hard to trim weeds.

Anne Michal raking and preparing for mulch.

Crazy Emma cutting grass with scissors.

Jack is waiting for a flower to plant in the pot.  They took turns planting them.

Elizabeth taking her turn.

Finished products.



4 responses to “Yard work

  1. Fun!

    I think Jack was trimming Black Eyed Susans and not weeds. 😉

  2. I don’t know what is funnier to me,Emma cutting grass with scissors or,you taking a picture of her cutting the grass with scissors ?? 🙂

  3. It looks great. I love the pic of Anne Michal and Elizabeth with their arms around each other! Maybe I’ll get to show pics of my garden in the north, if I ever get around to posting pictures. We see how often that happens.

  4. Ah, to sing the praises of child labour! I might have some things for Jack and Creed to do around the ranch in a couple of years.

    Arbeit macht frei!!

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