Reluctant Bloggers

I have some friends.  They have blogs.  They need to update.  They need help.  They haven’t asked.  That doesn’t bother me.  I am giving them help anyway.

Hannah:  What is the best thing about being a twin?  Is there anything hard about it and if so what?

Marian:  What is the best part of being a pastor’s wife? What is the hardest thing about being a pastor’s wife?

Melanie:  When is your sonogram?  People want to know.

Ashlee: How are the chickens?  When do I get eggs?

Robin:  How are baby names coming along?


4 responses to “Reluctant Bloggers

  1. I know! I know! Our family has started something new and it is definitely worth sharing. . .just trying to find the right words. I’ll work on it. Thanks for helping. 🙂

  2. can’t wait to hear all about it

  3. Hint well taken. I was just thinking that you are putting me to shame with all your updates and you’re the one with the real excuse NOT to be blogging right now! I’m on it!

  4. Not to steal any of Ashlee’s Updating Thunder; however, in response t your question, you may expect eggs around mid- to late-September. (Unless I, in fact, have super chickens.)

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