Some Jack Funnies

J: Mom, I can’t wait until Creed is three.

M: Well, you are going to be waiting a long time.

J: When will he be three?

M: On his third birthday

J:  Oh like August or September?

M: No it will be in May and a long time from now; he has to be 1 and 2 first.


“Mom, why do they put Elmo on baby’s diapers when babies don’t care.”


M:  Jack, what is your favorite part of Bible School.

J:  Decorations.  ( translated Arts and Crafts)


4 responses to “Some Jack Funnies

  1. Happy Jack has such sage wisdom for a four year-old. Amazing.

  2. I’m with Jack – why do they put Elmo (or in our house Mickey) on babies’ diapers? Why? And Brian wants to know if they’d be a few cents cheaper without such decorations.

  3. To Jack’s question about Elmo, the answer is marketing and revenue. I love that he asked that question, the boy has got it right!

  4. I have wondered the same thing about diapers. Jack’s such a smart kid!

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