An outlet for sarcasm

AKA Walk Away the Pounds

I have been doing this exercise video called Walk Away the Pounds(WATP) with Creed in the wrap to ease back into some exercise and soothe him when he is fussy.  It is not exactly strenous…ok…not even close.  Thus the need for sarcasm.  The people in the video are all skinny and very fit.  They also all sport the cheerleader smile.  Anyway, they talk like it is really difficult yet they don’t even break a sweat.  The first couple of times I found myself talking back to them.  On the two mile walk when we reach the one mile mark, the one girl says, “Hey I think I can make it to two.”  Like she ever doubted.  Another one talks about how she feels the burn immediately….whatever.  And Jodi, don’t even get me started on Miss I-just-had-a-baby.  And since sarcasm begins in the home….when Emma informed me that I wasn’t lifting my legs as high as the people on the video I informed her that they didn’t have a baby strapped to their chests.


4 responses to “An outlet for sarcasm

  1. I did the EXACT same thing when I first started WATP after A was born. Wish we could work out together and chat back at them- that would be more of a workout!

  2. That Emma, she has always been such a helpful child 🙂 lift those legs higher, higher!!!!

  3. I go from sarcasm to mute to off…

  4. My mother-in-law told me about these workout videos. Do you think it’s working? And good strategy with the baby on your chest, extra weight always helps. 😉 Funny post, by the way!

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