Creed’s hat

My friend Kiersten has an incredible talent for knitting.  She even has several business ventures using this talent.  She knits items for sale, spins and sells yarn, and creates and sells patterns.  She designed a hat pattern and named it Creed in Creed’s honor.  The pattern is for sell on her knitting blog(I couldn’t knit enough in 3 lifetimes to have a blog for knitting).  Check it out to buy it or see her other amazing work!  He is wearing the hat in the first couple of pictures,  The rest are bonus pictures from a camera-happy mama.  Look how happy he is to wear this wonderfully soft hat!


6 responses to “Creed’s hat

  1. What a chunky monkey!! Looking forward to holding him tomorrow.

  2. I love his adorable outfit! And I love the adorable baby in the outfit even more!

  3. What a cool hat! Good job Kiersten! Creed looks very handsome wearing it.

  4. He has the cutest smile!!

  5. We have an identical one in pink–Kiersten is good people 🙂

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