Out and About

  I always tend to notice one or two things when I am out and about and as I have written before they are usually things I could have done without seeing.  Well, yesterday while out and about, I witnessed a good parenting moment that made me smile.  Creed and I were walking through “that store” and there was a family in front of us.  A girl about Anne Michal’s age somehow knocked over a display sending the items all over the floor.  The mom didn’t see it happen so she couldn’t have known what I knew; that it was an accident pure and simple.  Just as the girl looked like she was about to burst into tears, the mom turned around and without hesitating assured her that it was OK.  The girl still looked like she wanted to crawl in a hole, but her mom and her sisters helped to pick everything up.  It would have been really easy for the mom to have turned around and assumed that her daughter was goofing off and jumped all over her.  I am sure the girl would have bawled and been even more mortified than she already was.  It made me smile that the mom assumed the best, realized it just wasn’t that big of a deal, and helped her clean it up.  Those are the kind of things I like to see and memories that I like to carry home with me.


3 responses to “Out and About

  1. Turning that one into a prayer – for my girls’ Mom.

  2. That is a good memory, and thanks for the reminder to always give my kids the benefit of the doubt unless and until I know otherwise! Sometimes when we’re all at the store, it can be a little stressful and I tend to be too stern with the girls–I just need to relax sometimes!

  3. How nice to read a positive parent/child grocery store story! Thanks for sharing it. And thanks for the reminder that there are always others watching whether we realize it or not. May our actions glorify our Heavenly Father and be an encouragement to others.

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