Creed has a tummyache

I wonder if this explains anything…


and in case there is any doubt, it never touched his lips.


5 responses to “Creed has a tummyache

  1. Eddie would say that your are properly training that boy.

  2. Very cute.

    (On a serious gypsyish note, does your chiro do peds? Have you taken him to see if she could help his tummy?

    And, I’d give him a couple hylands baby vit c’s … not that you asked … i’m just being nosey.)

  3. *gasp* you gave that baby licorice?! 😉

  4. Holy Smokes. That baby is so cute.
    I think this is the only comment that you will read from me for the next couple of months. Bear with me.
    PS–I FINALLY watched North and South with my Mother and sister-in-law at Cousin Camp….
    LOVED the historical context, thought the romantic parts needed some work, going to read the book soon.
    It will be sitting on my shelf if you want to steal it when you get here…

  5. Ha ha. I’m with Creed. I have never enjoyed licorice either! 🙂

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