It Worked??

   It really bugs me when people say someting along the lines of, “Thanks for praying!  It worked!”  I had no idea there were prayers that worked and prayers that didn’t.  Today, I picked up a newspaper at the chiropractor’s office and read a letter someone wrote about her coworker that was very ill in the ICU; she received a call saying they didn’t expect him to live through the day.  She went into the breakroom and asked the people there to join her in prayer.  They all prayed together and 3 hours later his condition greatly improved after they tried a new medicine.  She concluded by commenting that you really should pray because it works.  Am I to assume that if he hadn’t gotten better and died that their prayers didn’t work?  So when we get what we pray for those prayers worked and when we don’t they didn’t work.   I believe we pray for many reasons including because we are commanded to and promised that the prayers of a righteous man will be heard; I don’t think the Bible says that some prayers work and others don’t or that we are promised to get whatetver we pray.


5 responses to “It Worked??

  1. AMEN Rachael. You tell ’em. God is not a vending machine. Prayer can change the outcome for the one we’d prefer, but even if it doesn’t, it’s not because our prayer was any less effective.” It’s because God said no.

  2. Rachel, you have no idea how much I needed to be reminded of that today. Thanks for being God’s channel.

  3. … right up there with saying that “God is good” when we get what we want.

  4. You are, of course, absolutely right inasmuch as we should pray foremost because we are commanded to, the caveat being that we are to pray for that which is in accordance to God’s will.

    To label the answers we are given that do not jibe with our desires ‘broken’ would be to isinuate that Christ ‘failed’ in His prayer in the Garden (may it never be!).

    A fine point, though, is that it could be said that ‘some’ prayers could be considered broken–or at least not efficacious. In John 9:31 we are told that God does not hear the prayers of sinners. So, I reckon, for the lost at least, their prayers could be considered ‘broken.’

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