I have been chastised

for a week without pictures


7 responses to “I have been chastised

  1. Thank you, Thank you for sharing these! He is so adorable!

  2. Oh… I can picture his legs kick, kick,kicking while you are photographing.

    I LOVE baby feet photos… I just took one while on vacation to give to the mother. Ü Miss those baby feet around here…

    GREAT photos — he is a great smiler! You’ll sure cherish these, won’t you?!

  3. Just in case you didnt’ know, Micah loves baby Creed! He eve

  4. sorry…. I had a little help posting that one….

    to Finish…. He even prayed for baby Creed last night before bed.

    Thanks for sharing your sweet baby with us!

  5. He is just so cute. I’m so glad that you posted these.

  6. so cute!! I understand the need for the size 2 diapers now 🙂

  7. Between these and the monkey pictures I’m not sure what made me smile more!!! ADORABLE!!!!!

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