Random Acts of Kindness while out and about

    I tend toward frugality sometimes even to a fault.  Creed suddenly over the span of 24 hours outgrew his size one diapers.  I still had 3 packs that I had bought at CVS while they were on sale with coupons and earned Extra Credit Bucks as well.   In other words, they were a good deal.  But no deal is a good deal if you can’t use them.  So I went tonight to see if I could exchange them for the next size up; surprisingly I even had the receipt.  We went in and I asked the young girl working if I could exchange them.  She tells me to go get what I need and bring them back up there.  They only had two packs so I was just going to swap the ones they had so I wouldn’t ruin my good deal(if you understand that because she sure didn’t), but she said I couldn’t do an even swap even though they were the same brand and same size package because they were a different size.  All she could do was give me my money back and let me purchase the others.  Ummm….no thanks.  I couldn’t even buy 2 packages for what I had paid for the other 3.  I had Elizabeth take them back to the shelf and asked her to just refund my money and I’d buy them somewhere else(for much less).  The lady behind me in line said, “I’d like to buy those for you.”  What?  Really?  “Thank you,”  I said, “That really isn’t necessary.”  I tried to explain to her than while they run good sales, their regular price is ridiculously high.  “But don’t you need them?” she asks.  I assured her that I still had some at home and we were going to Sam’s next and I could pick some up there.  She leaves me with, “You have a lovely family.”  Gosh!  I love her and don’t even know her!!!

    So off we go to Sam’s where we don’t actually get diapers there either since we discovered that they package 1’s and 2’s together.  We get our other stuff and get in line. Someone was checking out and the lady in front of us had a cartful.  She looked at my 3 things and 5 children and suggested I go in front of her.  Two nice ladies in one day looking after strangers.  There are days I love being out and about.


4 responses to “Random Acts of Kindness while out and about

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  2. You do have a lovely family! I’m glad someone else noticed! It’s always a nice ego boost for me when someone tells me that, even though I know they are probably liars! 🙂

    And I totally understand about not wanting to mess up a good deal. Totally!

  3. Hi Rachel–
    I just bought Sam’s 1-2 diapers last week for our Isabella, and they really aren’t separate 1’s and 2’s, but just a new size, “1-2”. They go up to 15 pounds. I found that they are getting snug on our 3 1/2 month old, but you know I’m going to use them up before getting new ones 🙂

  4. Wow! Two angels in one day! Isn’t God good? Your post is a good reminder to us all to be cheerful and helpful when we are out and about. You never know when you are making a real difference for someone in their day. And everyone can use more cheerful faces and voices in their lives.

    I’m with Kierstyn: You do have a beautiful family!

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