When I don’t know my own mind

I do a very mature thing.  I do eeny meeny miney moe.  It works; it really does.  Let me explain why it works.  First we all know that if you do eeny meeny miney moe on any two things you are always going to get either the first or the second depending on how you view the ending (if that didn’t make sense don’t worry about it; it is late) so I do this little mess up thing in the middle to ensure that the result is random.  I think it was all my math training that helped me come up with that technique. 😉  When I get my result I instantly know what it is that I want to choose.  If I think “Yay!” at the result I know that is what I wanted to choose.  If I think “Yuck!” then I know I wanted to choose the other and make the switch.  Try it some time; it might just work for you.


3 responses to “When I don’t know my own mind

  1. So how late did you say it was? = )

  2. I think the Apostles used the same method for choosing Mathias. (‘Barsabbas?! YUCK!!’)

  3. I do something like this. I ask my husband to choose. He tends to say “Why do you ask me? You’re just going to do what you want anyway?” And I tell him “Yeah. But until you choose for me, I don’t know what I wanted!”

    (I don’t do this in areas of clear submission, but in trivial things like “What do I want to wear today?”)

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