Emma and Creed

I was messing around with the camera today which has a feature where it will retain one single color and leave the rest black and white.  It turned out pretty cool but needs a bit of tweaking.

Singing him a song…


Not the picture I thought I uploaded but he is loving that hand.

She is such a ham.

similar expressions…


10 responses to “Emma and Creed

  1. thejacobsfamilyhomeschool

    OH I LOVE it! They are so cute! 😀

  2. They are sweet. I really like the last picture!

  3. Rachel, I looooove them!

  4. Oh – NEAT!! I did this at Christmas once with red. That was TOO MUCH. LOL Your photos are just right. Fun.

    THANKS for sharing!!

  5. That’s a pretty cool feature. Oh the things they can do with digital these days. I love the pictures.

  6. I love those expressions

  7. Beautiful children!

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