School Days, School Days

Back to school time!!  Sort of.  Kind of.  We are either the most inconsistent or most consistent homeschoolers around depending on how you look ate it.  We school year round so we are very consistent.  We take a lot of breaks so we are inconsistent.  What it doesn’t change is that August is Back to School time.  First I have to post this poem because Jon says he has never heard it.  If you know us, you know how unlikely it is that I would know of any kind of poem, song, book, etc.  that Jon has not heard of before.

School Days

School days, school days
Good old golden rule days
Readin’ and ‘ritin’ and ‘rithmetic
Taught to the tune of a hickory stick

You were my queen in calico
I was your bashful barefoot beau
And you wrote on my slate
“I love you, so”
When we were a couple of kids.

That isn’t really what I was going to post about but as I have been thinking about back to school the first couple of lines of that poem have been running through my head!!  I did, however, want to post about what happens to me every August without fail.  I dream.  What do I dream about?  Anything and everything to do with school.  I dream that I can’t find my classes. I dream that I didn’t do my homework or forgot to study for some test.  I have the classic going to school in my underwear dream.  I dream about former teachers and former classmates.  Without fail I’ll dream about someone I haven’t thought about in years.  It is really rather crazy.  You’d think the anxiety of school might wane when you haven’t set foot in one as a student or teacher in 10 years, but I guess it isn’t ever going to happen.  I wonder what homeschool kids dream about in August.


2 responses to “School Days, School Days

  1. It is really funny that you dream about school! Makes me chuckle. Maybe some day you’ll outgrow it. Not looking good for that. It was fun seeing you the other day. I was about to say yesterday but I’m not sure that’s accurate. Week’s been a bit of a blur.

  2. I have dreams about school also. They are always about how I can never get my locker open b/c I’ve forgotten the combination. But then last week I dreamed I got the locker open, but then couldn’t remember what my schedule was, so I went to the office, got my schedule but then couldn’t remember where the class was. Its always something.

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