2nd year of schooling

In second grade, I had Mrs. Rigsby for a teacher.  I loved Mrs. Rigsby and wanted to be a second grade teacher just like her when I grew up.  She was a fun teacher that rarely yelled.  She introduced us to games like eraser tag(you had to chase someone with an eraser balanced on your head without letting it fall off; I now know that kept us from running in the classroom 😉 ) and brought us popcorn and hot chocolate.  My second grade story is really a confession.  I was telling a friend this story the other day, and she said she now knows where Anne Michal gets her overactive conscience.

You know how there are things you have done that bug you for years.  Well, this is one of them.   That year one of the things that was popular were these pens that had water games in them.  They had little buttons that you pushed that pushed air into the water causing things to move.  You might have a pen where you tried to get little rings onto pegs.  Do you have a clue what I am talking about here?  Anyway, there was a girl in my class, Mickey Adams (I thought about not using her real name, but I figured that if she actually reads this–haha–then maybe she’ll leave me a comment saying she forgives me) that was in trouble quite a bit.  One day Mickey took someone’s pen off of their desk and took it to her own desk to play with it.  I saw her do this; I knew that she wasn’t really stealing it but just wanted to play with it for a while, but I tattled.  I told Mrs. Rigsby that she took so and so’s pen.  She was confronted her and  if i remember correctly she denied it which I am sure just made her situation worse.  To make a long story short, she ended up getting a paddling and I ended up with a very guilty conscience for getting her in trouble.  I bet she forgot her paddling long ago!!

P.S.  I think I need to tell my kids this story as a lesson as to why we shouldn’t tattle; our motive is rarely righteous.

P.S.S.  I still remember distinctly what all my gradeschool classrooms looked liked, how the desks were arranged, and where the teacher’s desks were.  What is wrong with me??? 😉


One response to “2nd year of schooling

  1. I loved my second grade teacher too. Her name was Mrs. Schoonover. If its any consolation I remember all of my classrooms as well. And if Mickey was holding a grudge, she probably isn’t now.

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