The Third Year of Schooling

Third grade.  The year of cursive writing and multiplication tables.  I have to say third grade was not my favorite year.  I won’t even mention my teachers name.  Let’s just say she loved to laugh but it was often at the students’ expense.  I could tell lots of stories on her but I only tell bad stories on myself. 😉  I am going to tell two  stories because one will sound oddly familiar to first grade.  I was a slow learner!

One day the secretary came over the intercom and said, “WIll you please send Rachel S. to the prinicpal’s office. ”  I got up and started crying as I made my way to the door.  My teacher said, “Rachel, think about it.  Do you really think you are in trouble?”  Ha!Ha!  She had a good point and it helped me calm down on the way there.

The second story has to do with the multiplication tables and how I was both very competitive and nervous.  Every day we would have this drill that was similar to a spelling bee but with the multiplication tables.  We would all line up at the front of the room and she would put on a record.  A person would be chanting on the record and they would say 3×4 is *** and we had about 1 second to answer it before the record would go on to the next problem.  If you missed your problem then you had to go sit down.  In my mind, I had to be the last one standing or I failed.  I would stand up there and jump around from one foot to the other, hands crossed in front of me, hand then to the sides, cross my legs, hands on my hips…you get the picture.  Inevitably, it always ended up Kevin Cox and myself.  Sometimes he would win and sometimes I would win.  I was always a nervous wreck and he was always the cool customer.  And I wonder why I still have trouble remembering that 8×7 is 56?

I went looking in my scrapbook to see if I had my third grade picture to scan and post as the picture really rather sums up the 3rd grade for me, but I couldn’t find it.  I put a call in to my sister and she is going to look for it tomorrow at my mom’s and scan it and email it to me if she finds it.  I did, however, find this picture I drew of Raggedy Ann causing me to remember how I wanted to be an artist when I was in the third grade.   As I grew older, I realized that you actually had to draw well in order to be an artist and scratched that one off the list.  The funny thing about the picture of Raggedy Ann: I had put an F- beside of it.  Ha!Ha!  I laughed hard at that one!!

Well, that was 3 stories rather than one, but the third grade was a big year!! Oh and a few years later I saw my teacher selling quilts at a craft fair.  Anyone who quilts can’t be too bad, now can they? And look for that picture tomorrow.

Check out the arrows.  I didn’t know if I was coming or going and for the record, I thought I was smiling when the picture was taken.


3 responses to “The Third Year of Schooling

  1. 3rd grade was so bad for me I have blocked all memories from my mind and can’t even tell you my teachers name. Seriously.
    Thanks to you, now I need counseling.

  2. Man, you look just like Lizzie!! Crazy! Or should I say Lizzie looks just like you :).

  3. I always think of cursive & multiplication tables when I think of third grade! We did a similar contest with multiplication tables, and 8×7 is the one that always tripped me up! Who knew we had so much in common!

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