The 4th Year of Schooling

This post is dedicated to a particular group of friends; you know who you are. You will understand that this is not a bragging post but one of wonder and amazement.

The fourth grade was a really good year. I really liked my teacher Mrs. Chambers. She was a lot of fun and very easy going. When she was in 6th grade she had one of the other 4th grade teachers as her teachers and I remember being absolutely fascinated by that. I think I thought the other teacher should be really old or something. Anyway, when I was in fourth grade something really amazing happened. Every year the school had a spelling bee that worked like this. Each 4th and 5th grade classroom would have their own spelling bee 3 days in a row. Then the 3 winners in each classroom would spell off. When each class had a winner, all those winners would spell off and that winner would move on to the next level. Not only did I win the spelling bee in my class, but I won all 3 days so there was no spell off in my class and I advanced to the overall 4th and 5th grade spelling bee. Don’t get too excited, I lost that round misspelling the word geography. The problem was living in Kentucky I said geogerphy which means the teacher probably pronounced it that way too 😉 so that is exactly how I spelled it!! The sad thing about this story: I am pretty sure my spelling peaked in the 4th grade.  And I probably should add how I overheard “mean girl” in the bathroom telling someone that I cheated and only won because I was teacher’s pet.  I wonder how you cheat in a spelling bee?


7 responses to “The 4th Year of Schooling

  1. I wish you could hear me laughing 🙂

  2. I was out in the first round of my 4th grade spelling bee. (I liked 4th grade too, babycakes.) I spelled


  3. Losing it!!!!! LOL!

  4. Laughing here!

  5. Oh man… I wish I could spell.

    Maybe she though you had firefox in your head at that time… firefox helps me spell. Ü

  6. Geogerphy. Priceless. I’m sure that is the way it was pronounced when I was in school as well. There should be alternate spellings allowed for those of us in the South.

  7. In 4th grade, I misspelled manipulator. (I spelled manipulater.) Another teacher was amazed that I missed it “Don’t you know that word?” Um, no. I didn’t. I read it in a book later that day, and was really annoyed.

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