A Jack Funny

In the car on the way home, Jack says, “Just because Miss Carol does it , doesn’t mean we should.” Really, people shouldn’t be allowed to be this funny.


3 responses to “A Jack Funny

  1. my husband keeps telling me that but do i ever listen, no. but perhaps i will listen to Jack.

  2. um, Miss Carol here….I’m not sure what Jack was referring to, maybe licking Emma’s arm or yelling at the Astros on tv, but really we all do that don’t we?! So, ok Jack and other dear readers, maybe you shouldn’t do what I do but your life will definitley be lacking!

  3. Since Carol commented and outed herself, I’ll tell the rest of the story for anyone that reads the comments. Emma tried to lick someone on the way home and I reminded them that everyone was to keep their slobber to themselves(and yes I have to do that regularly) when Jack piped up with his comment.

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