The 8th Year of Schooling

8th grade was probably my most favorite year of school. I decided to see if I could remember my schedule and my teachers and I think I have it all  down except I can’t remember my homeroom teacher which is right on the tip of my tongue and my PE teacher which I don’t have a clue. Maybe one of my sisters will remember and tell me. Here is my schedule and more details than you want to know.

Homeroom –in the shoproom which was on the hill before the gym (HA!  I just remembered Mr. Herron!)

1st-Math-Mrs Terry-first floor first door on left–desks faced the street

2nd – Science –Mr.  Wilkerson- second floor–second door on right –lab tables faced street

3rd –Study hall –Mrs. Nation – second floor–second to last door on right–desks faced hallway

4th –English –Mrs. Gardner –first floor last door on left–desks faced middle of the room

5th –Social Studies–Mrs. George –second floor last door on right–desks faced middle of the room

6th –Home Ec –Mrs. McGuirk(the first half she was Miss Sherrill but she got married– in the elementary building by the lunchroom –sat at tables

7th — PE –(going to drive me crazy that I dont’ remember)  in the gym at the bottom of the hill

I liked all of my teachers except one which I won’t name.  My schedule did have a major flaw.  My locker was in the shop room where I had homeroom.   The shop room was in its own separate building behind the main building.  We weren’t allowed to use the backdoor of the main building.  To get to the shoproom you had to go out the side door of the main building, all the way around another buiding, then down a hill, into the shoproom and then into the backroom to get to my locker.  Add to that the rule that the steps in the back of the building were only for going up and the ones in the front of the building were only for going down and there was no way for me to ever get to my locker between classes.  I did go by the shop building to get to PE but since I had it last that was no help!!!  THis was in the day before backpacks so I carried a huge stack of books around with me all day.

But enough of that, I do have a funny story from the 8th grade.  Remember how people used to send notes and you had to check boxes for yes or no.  The funniest one I ever got was from some kid named Michael in study hall.  My study hall had a mix of 7th and 8th graders and he was only in the 7th grade.  He passed me this note that said

Dear Sally(because I don’t know your name),

WIll you go with me?

Check yes or no.

Then there were two boxes.  One with yes beside and it and another with no beside it.

I turned around (he sat in the row beside me but a couple of seats back) and laughed, “you don’t even know my name.  You have got to be kidding.”


3 responses to “The 8th Year of Schooling

  1. Coach Day. 🙂

  2. thank you! maybe my migraine will now go away! 😉

  3. That is SO funny! Sally, haha, I might just have to start calling you that :).

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