The 9th Year of Schooling

I was pretty excited to start high school and a bit nervous.  My sisters had me a bit worried about getting lost.  They drew me a map.  There was a mainfloor, a basement, and a third floor.  The third floor was shaped kind of like a Y.  That was the one I was worried about.  We only had 3 minutes between classes so I didn’t really think I had much time to figure it all out.  Later I realized just how small our little school was. But anyway, It just hit me while thinking about this post how it was possible that the 3rd floor had more hallway…duh…the 2nd floor had the cafeteria,administrative offices, and library so it was shaped different and the basement wasn’t a full basement.  Sheesh.  I used to get so confused with the stair cases.  I remember confidently going down the staircase by Mrs. Brown’s room and ending up outside and wondering how in the world that happened!  Everyone now knows how directionally challenged I am!

I imagine I was also a bit of a nerd as I thought it was very exciting to take Algebra, Biology, and Spanish.  To be honest with you though, I went to school with a bunch of other nerds too as will be obvious if I choose to tell other stories.  Besides those classes, I also took English which was grammar and literature( literature sounded so alluring or something), P.E and Health, and geography(Hey look I learned to spell it!).  Geography was one of those classes kids took that couldn’t pass the other history classes , but my parents wouldn’t let me take a study hall so that left choir, band, art, and home ec as choices.  I don’t sing, I already took piano, I couldn’t draw, and I had my fill of home ec in 8th grade. So that left me in Geography with a bunch of interesting characters and an interesting teacher I might add!

The only halfway interesting story I can think to tell about 9th grade has to do with spanish class.  One of the fun things about starting Spanish was that everyone was given a spanish name.  My teacher tried to give you the correct Spanish name corresponding to your English name if there was one.  My name, thus became Raquel.  It kind of stuck. I got called Raquel a lot.  And Raqu. And Raqu”e”. And my personal (not) favorite Raquel Big Mama La Hermosa. No, It doesn’t make sense together.  Good thing I knew how to take a joke even though if it were shortened it was going to be Raquel Big Mama and Not Raquel La Hermosa.  La Hermosa means the beautiful, and I really don’t think anyone needs me to translate Big Mama. And for some odd reason, I am worried I may regret this post in the morning. Good night!

Fortunately, this is the last you will see of this haircut 😉


2 responses to “The 9th Year of Schooling

  1. I would have been in your geography class.

  2. Thank you for the chuckle before I head off to bed myself. Praying for your sick family too!

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