Signs of Growing Up

Normally, if someone gets a stomach virus in the house, Anne Michal becomes a neurotic mess.  She worries and paces and plies me with questions like, “How come I always get it last?”  She has trouble sleeping and gets up in the night convinced that she is going to throw up any minute.  I was so suprised last night that I didn’t see her at all in the night.  Then today she seemed so relaxed and easy going. Tonight she and I represented our family at the missions dinner as the well-faction of the household.  On the way home, I told her I was really proud of how she wasn’t freaking out about the possibility of getting sick.  She said, “Well, I figure that if I am going to get it then I am going it.  Worrying about it will just give me a stomach ache and then I’ll think I am getting the stomach virus and might just talk myself into it! So I am just not going to worry about it!”  I don’t know if you can understand how huge this is, but yet I know we all have learned a lot of life lessons about dealing with things we can’t change. It makes me both proud and humble to see her accept such truths.


2 responses to “Signs of Growing Up

  1. Wow, that gives me hope for our oldest daughter, who is much the same way about illness!! Thanks for the encouragement–you probably didn’t even know it would be encouraging to anyone!

  2. I think I have an inkling of how huge it is.

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