The 10th Year of Schooling

I have to say I was such a nerd that I took 2 math classes in 10th grade.  If you made an A in algebra, then you could take geometry and algebra II at the same time.  Our school system didn’t offer algebra earlier than 9th so this allowed you to be on a more advanced track. I was also excited to take chemistry.  I made good grades in chemistry, but I set a school record for percent error on a lab experiment.  At least I didn’t blow anything up.

I could tell a number of funny stories about 10th grade but they really aren’t general public stories, but for anyone who reads this from my school year, remember G.S.?  While 10th grade was a fun time, it did come with life lessons.  In 9th grade, I wanted to play softball, but I was too worried about making the team that I didn’t try out.  I am pretty sure I would have made it if I had tried out in 9th grade, but I chickened out. The next year I decided it was silly to not let my fear keep me from something I really wanted to do so I gave it a try.  I know everyone has their sob stories of not being treated fairly, and I don’t like making excuses; however, (you knew it was coming) the coach obviously already knew who she was taking.  I watched these freshman girls let ball after ball go between their legs and strike out, but they had had the coach as a PE teacher and obviously had a good relationship with her.  She didn’t like the fact that I was a Christian and would make comment about how she had to watch her language around me though I had never said a word.  That was the first time I had ever experienced anything like that and just kept my mouth shut and played the game.  She chose to cut me from the team.  My pride was wounded, but the fact that so many people that had watched me play for years were so surprised was a tad redeeming.  Not to jump ahead, but I determined to try out again the next year and the funny thing was that from the first day of try outs she knew exactly where she was going to play me.  It was never smooth sailing, and there were many instances where she struck out at me for who I was, but I survived and I am certain it was a good life lesson.


One response to “The 10th Year of Schooling

  1. Wow! I’m impressed that you went back and tried out again! I think that is cool!

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