The 11th Year of Schooling

Can I just say that I loved, loved, loved trig!!  Trig is like a really fun number puzzle.  Now that I have that out of the way, the best thing about 11th grade was that we had an exchange student from Denmark live with our family.  Her name was Mette and the poor dear didn’t have a middle name; I felt terribly sorry for her.  Anyway, it was a lot of fun getting to know her and having her be a part of her family. In the summer, I went back with her for 6 weeks.  We spent 4 of that with her family in Kalunborg and then travelled around Europe for 2 weeks. We bought Eurail passes, loaded our stuff up in backpacks and set out.  We really didnt’ have much of a plan just an idea of where we wanted to go.  We basically spent 1-3 days in each of the following cities: London, Paris, Zurich, Vienna, and Saltzburg. We were going to visit Munich but by the time we got there we were tired and had no clean clothes left; it was raining so we just headed home.  This was our typical scenario.  We slept on the train as much as possible so we didn’t waste our days travelling and it saved us finding a place to stay.  We would arrive in a town and buy a map of the city and find out where the hostels were .  Then we would track down a place to stay, stash our stuff and set out sightseeing.  We road all kind of different public transportations from buses to subways.  We did a lot of walking.  We got turned around at the same underground stop every single time (Natalie, I wish I could remember which one), never figured out how to pay our bus fare in Vienna, and wondered how they knew who paid and who didn’t in Paris. We sampled the ice cream everywhere and I have to say Vienna had the best.  For food though we mainly bought bread, meat and fruit and bottles of water to drink.  I wish I had journalled the trip, but it didn’t seem important at the time.  Thanks Mom and Dad for letting me go.  It was probably my best 6 weeks of education and life lessons I had when I was young!


One response to “The 11th Year of Schooling

  1. Vienna is a beautiful city. I remember climbing all the way to the top of St. Stephen’s Cathedral (90 metres and 700 stairs, I think).

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