12th Year of Schooling

I have two stories to tell about my senior year.  The first is another one of those “why don’t I make myself seem silly on the internet” stories.  It is already known that I was rather a math nerd so I might as well continue with that trend.  Many of the people in my calculus class including myself, had the same teacher, Ms. Britt, for Alg I, Alg II, precalculus, and calculus; we had kind of grown up in math class together and had a lot of fun together.  We all had t-shirts made (I am laughing again) that said Kalculus kids on them and doing the derivative.  There was a lion on the front though I don’t remember how that was significant and the derivative of all of our names.  We determined that you take the derivative of your name by taking the first letter of your last name, multiplying it by your name and raising it to the first letter of your last name -1.  Do you have that??  My name now would be A(Rachel) ^A-1.  We also had a theme song, The Calculus Kids that was sung to the tune of Toys R Us kids.  I don’t remember all the words, but I do remember…more x’s and y’s for girls and guys it ‘s the best math class there is….I am at least happy to report that none of this was my idea; I am a follower through and through.  Nerd Peer Pressure you understand. 😉  I do have to add that I am grateful that I went to a high school where the teachers AND the students valued academics.

The second story involves my senior term paper.  One nine weeks in English we wrote a research paper; my topic was women in the workplace.  The purpose was to show how women were mistreated and not treated as equals with men.  I don’t remember any of the specifics of the paper but I do know there were lots of statistics comparing pay between men and women as well as their level of education.  I really did want to prove that women can do whatever men can do.  Of course things change and I’d be perfectly happy to never work fulltime outside of the home again!!  I no longer have anything to prove!! 😉

Oh wait!  I have to tell another story.  The first day of Physics class, I walked into my classroom and there were all these signs around the room that said B+.  A lot of them were on computer paper; remember how it had the perforated holey edges and everything was printed with dots?  I kept looking at those signs and trying to figure out what they meant.  Was he trying to tell us that we should be happy with a B+?  Was a B+ supposed to be our goal?  I don’t know how long it took me to realize that was short for Be Positive.  (laughing again….) That class was really my first introduction to any one that was a bit “new agey.”  I am not really sure he realized that is how he came across, but he was a bit into actualization and thinking things into being true.  I was really not that good at it, thank goodness.  When we started studying free fall, we were supposed to imagine ourselves as a rock on the edge of a cliff.  Then we were to fall off the cliff.  He asked us to describe it.  Unfortunately, I floated down like a feather rather than crashed down like a rock.  G.S. refused to do the activity and sat out in the hall; he muttered to himself all the way out the door.  I wonder what he said….

P.S.  I really wish I had taken typing, but I was afraid I wouldn’t make an A in it; I think I was probably right about that!


One response to “12th Year of Schooling

  1. Awwwwwwww Look at you!!! Such a sweet pic!
    I never sang anything in Algebra except for “Manic Monday”…every day…because I hated math. =)

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