The Hurricane Carnival

As I mentioned, the kids spent a lot of time last week working on making a carnival.  I suggested they work with the intentin of playing during the hurricane but they actually did most of their “playing” Friday night before it got bad.  They set up various games in their bedrooms and  got tickets for winning games.  They could then exchange their tickets for prizes.  This worked solely on the honor system as they rotated through the games and determined for themselves how many tickets they got.  Here are some of the things I heard:

Hey mom!  Look what I won and I still have 9 tickets left. (The toy won was one we have had for years)

Mom! Wizzy(Lizzy for those able to say their L’s correctly) is amazed at how many tickets I have.

Yeah…he wins at least 2 tickets for every game he plays!

This is the best carnival ever!!!

Don’t you need carnival food at a carnival?  I don’t know I haven’t ever been to a carnival.

I really want to get the sheep , but I don’t want to use my tickets up all at once. (There are life lessons everywhere, people)

And here are some pictures.

The put on a shadow finger show telling the story of the Fox and the Crow. Jack peeks around the curtain.  He played the crow.

This is Elizabeth being the fox.  I had no idea they knew how to do this, by the way.

The enraptured audience.

Where the tickets were cashed in for valuable prizes.

Fishing for prizes…  They even found a bobbin for the fishing pole.

Dropping a clothespin in a cup.

I am not sure what they called this but they were throwing a bouncy ball into their speedstack cups.

The Carnival was a hit.  I think they need to put it on another day for some of their little friends.


7 responses to “The Hurricane Carnival

  1. Oh how NEAT! You know your kids will remember this — ok… .maybe not Creed … but the others will. How fun.

    Funny note… I read “enTRAPtured” audience first time around. LOL

  2. EnTRAPtured probably describes his life!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun and your kids did great!

  4. That is such a fabulous idea! You should get a cool mom award!

  5. It was Elizabeth’s idea. She got the idea from a Little House on the Prairie episode

  6. Fabulous!

    Your carnival needs to go on the road and come by here!

  7. Very creative! And no Sesame Street knowledge required!!

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