Jack’s First Soccer Practice

I think soccer practice should be at 9 AM.  That way I won’t get asked what time it is a million and one times a day!!!  His first practice was last night.  He did so great; that means he listened to his coach and was very careful to do what was asked of him.  He loves his uniform and wanted to wear it today so of course I let him.  He says it is a very good color of green.   I took tons of pictures.  Here are a few.

Doing ball taps.

Dribbling….He got up this morning and wanted to head out to the yard to practice dribbling because the coach said they needed to practice dribbling.  I need to tell his coach to tell him to pick up his toys.

His team.  Notice how tall he is and how short his shorts are.  I think he grew this week….again.

Creed enjoying being outside in the stroller.

Being very, very fast.

Playing red light, green light with the soccer balls.

Doing ladder drills.  We have a ladder, by the way, because that was Anne Michals’ one request for Christmas last year.


3 responses to “Jack’s First Soccer Practice

  1. SA WEET!

    Love soccer!

  2. Looks like he’s having a blast! Mike is a great coach too. Laura’s big brother is on Josh’s baseball team. Small world.

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