Older kids and younger kids

I have had several questions and comments lately about having younger and older kids at the same time.  Do I think it is easier to have your kids close together or spread out( I think I’ve sort of done both..haha)?  Is it hard having older and younger because the older kids are involved in more activities but babies need naps and schedules?  Is it fun to have a baby with older kids?  That is the general gist of the questions along with commendations(their word not mine) for having a baby at this point in our lives.

My answer:  It is great to have a baby with older kids!!  Yes, it is a scheduling nightmare.  Yes it drives me crazy to get him up 15 minutes into a nap to go to a soccer game, come home, feed him, put him down for a nap only to wake him up 30 minutes later to go to another game and then drag him to a third game(and sometimes fourth) but I’d go crazier not going to their games and he is quite the flexible kid.  Yes, it can be hard fitting in homeschooling, coop, activities and a baby, but it is no where near impossible or any harder than many other people’s schedules.  All those things are just part of the “daily grind” that we all go through based on the choices we make and our circumstances.

What is great is that I get to enjoy older kids and younger kids and a baby all at the same time.  I get to see them interact and love, love, love on the baby.  He gets adored and cherished, and we all get extra joy brought into our lives by him.  Who doesn’t see a baby and smile? Can you walk by a baby and not talk to him and try to coax a smile and a giggle?  Nobody in this house can.  I have more help than I could possibly ask for with him.  He is almost 6 months old and I still go crazy with the requests to hold him all the time.  Anne Michal loves to put him to bed.  Elizabeth has never met a diaper too nasty to change.  Emma loves to play with him and Jack is counting down the days until he can be his roommate. Every child is a blessing and Creed is no different.  In fact, the more kids we have the more a blessing they seem as we see just how quickly and neatly they fit into our family as a loved and cherished member.


5 responses to “Older kids and younger kids

  1. I had never really thought about all of that. That is a beautiful glimpse into your day, thank you for sharing! And Lizzy is welcome to come change diapers over here if Creed runs low. 😉

  2. Looking forward to multiple-kid days someday. It’s encouraging to hear good testimonies of the experience from folks like you. Thanks.

  3. Good answers, and also very reassuring for younger moms and dads (whoever THOSE sort of people might be)

  4. This sounds like exactly what I tell others when they ask about how my older children are with the baby–they are my indispensable helpers, and I don’t know how I got along without them when THEY were little 🙂 Somedays I feel guilty about not getting all the schooling done we needed to, but then I think that I’m so thankful I have my big girls home with me, learning how to be great mommies–not too bad of an education!

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