Worship with my Family

I was thinking today during church how much I enjoy being in worship with my family.  In the past, we have used the nursery until they are around 2 adn then started the training process for them to be in church wiht us.  So far Creed has been with us each week and our hope is that he continues with us in church rather than the nursery. Talking with a friend tonight I was thinking through why I enjoy having our kids in wtih us during worship.  Here are some of the reasons:

I love that they see that worship is active.  They can follow along the liturgy learning the order of worship along with the improtance of each part, sing the doxology and other hymns and choruses as they learn them, and say the Lord’s prayer among other things.

They learn that they are an Anderson and Andersons worship God.  They identify themselves with this and learn from an early age that corporate worship is vital to the christian life and binds us together as a family and our family to other believers.

Along the same lines, they learn they have a place in the church and gain ownership in the church as active, participating members of worship.

Yes, sometimes the training process can be difficult and sometimes it can be distracting, but we are giving them a gift; the gift of worshiping the Savior with us, with the church.  We are setting a foundation that prayerfully, will be strong and sure.  That makes it all worthwhile.


4 responses to “Worship with my Family

  1. Yesterday 3yo Wayne was in church with us… he was watching pastor while he was preaching… listening… and answering his questions out loud. Shhh… LOL

    I too like my kiddos to be in church — we do some sit still training at home, but I think the rewards far outweigh the distractions and hardships of herding little onto into church with us.

    They are listening, and soaking in, and storing up for later. I promise you.

  2. Luthy turns two this week. In worship last week, she stood, knelt, ate, drank, “sang,” raised her hands, and listened with the rest of us. If we were just now bringing her into worship, she wouldn’t know her part in all of those things. It’s a joy to watch her be so proud that she gets to be a part of what everyone else is doing.

  3. I’ve been really struggling with this lately. In LA, NO children are in church. “Sunday school” happens during the worship service. We meet in a high school drama auditorium…no pews, just folding auditorium seats. I want my family in church with me. I would even be OK with them staying until the sermon starts. Stan agrees. We would be the only ones doing this….in a congregation of about 500. We love our church…it is just this one thing that nags at me. Maybe we’ll try next week…being the oddballs.

  4. I agree – so well said!

    And you need to add me to your blogroll. I’m shameless enough to say it. 😉

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