3 Day Magic

Our first pediatrician first introduced us to 3 day magic and I firmly believe all new parents need to be told about 3 day magic. 3 day magic can take place in a variety of forms but involves the breaking of habits.  It is always hard to believe that it will really only take 3 days and 6 kids into this parenting gig.  and I still have trouble believing it.  What am I talking about?  Here is my current example.  Creed is almost 6 months old.  Since the day he came home from the hospital, he has slept in a swing…swinging or not swinging.  (If you need a new swing; check it out.  I love this swing!) I knew it was time to get him to sleep in a bed.  So last week, I geared myself up and Wednesday morning, I put him to bed in the pack n’ play.  He actually didn’t cry a lot.  He’d play and fuss and play and fuss, but he didn’t sleep much.  He took a 20 min nap.  Then, in the afternoon, he slept 30 min.  He slept in there that night pretty well, but was up earlier than usual.  The next day he took an hour nap in the morning and 30 min in the afternoon.  Second night he still got up earlier.  The 3rd day came.  He easily took a 2 hour nap in the morning and another one in the afternoon.  Once again, 3 days is all it took.

We have found the same thing to be true for other things as well.  It has only taken more than 3 days for one of our kids to give up the paci and really, the worst was by far over after 3 days.  I always think it is going to be terrible and tramatic but it rarely is.

Now, someone tell me that Creed would be sleeping 8 hours a night in 3 days if I was only willing to give it a shot.

*** My disclaimer:  We all know there are exceptions to every rule. 😉


4 responses to “3 Day Magic

  1. Jon clued me in to the 3-day deal back when we were expecting Gracie Mae. We never really were ready to pull the trigger on it until time came for her to start sleeping in her Big Girl bed and was pitching a fit–a BIG fit–every night. We finally decided to bite the bullet and let her wind up and go for three nights. Sure enough, by the third night, things were much better and she would go to bed without screaming her head off.

    But the first two days were pretty hairy.

  2. I love the 3 day rule. I was lucky enough that my pediatrician told me the same thing when Alexis was a baby. But I know what you mean…it’s hard to believe! Glad it worked well for Creed sleeping in his bed. 🙂

  3. We call it the two week rule here. 😉

  4. I have a 6-month-old son who was born around the same time as Creed. (5/23/2008)

    Grant does great at night, but is pretty adamant about being nursed to sleep for naps. I haven’t heard of the 3 day rule. I may have to try having big sister (12yo) lay him down for naps for the next few days.

    Is Creed on solids yet? Grant is not, but lately he is very interested in watching us eat. 🙂

    (BTW, I love swings. Our 4th child did, too. When she was 2yo, she could climb ino the swing and start swinging it herself when she wanted a catnap. 😀

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