The Answer

I keep meaning to take a picture of the kids eating the stuff in the crockpot, but I keep forgetting so I will just give it up.  Most of you got it right; it was yogurt.  The instructions are here.

This thrills me because I can make almost a gallon at a time without all the added junk of store yogurt and add natural ingredients.  THe kids favorite way to eat it is to add a bit of banana, a few slices of strawberry(frozen this time of year) and a sprinkling of granola.  No sugar.  They all like it just plain as well.  now I can always have it on hand, and they get all the good probiotics without all the junk.  A win-win situation.

**If you decide to give this a try.  Know that all crockpots are different.  The temps for making yogurt are important.  The first cooking part should bring the temp of the yogurt to abotu 180 degrees.  This kills any bad bacteria in the yogurt.  At this temp there should be bubbles around the edge and before a skin forms.  If you get it hotter it won’t matter, but you’ll need to remove the skin that forms.  Then you are cooling it down to a temp between 90 and 125.  The hotter it is the more tart it will be.  THis should feel warm when you stick your finger in the milk. Hope that helps.  You can also use a candy thermometer to test your temperatures.


One response to “The Answer

  1. I keep meaning to try yogurt! My mom’s made it several times, and my kids love yogurt. You’ve inspired me to give it a go!

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