Learning From Knox —Not Sweating the Small Stuff

Yesterday could have been one of those days.  Before breakfast was over, a plate of eggs had been dumped on the floor, a big glass of water spilled all over the floor, and my favorite chair had been spit up on.  In the past, I might have let that set the tone for the day thinking “great….this will be a winner of a day” with my most sarcastic in-my-head voice.  It is easier now to choose the better ,being thankful I have 4 more dozen eggs in the fridge, plenty of clean fresh drinking water, and a baby that I love more than my chair.

Before Jon left for work, he went out to the van with his cell phone calling my phone.  Why?  Because I couldn’t find mine and was sure it was buried somewhere in our van.  After the 3rd time he called, a lady answered with, “Is this your phone?”  Somehow, even though I never had it out, I left it at HEB yesterday. That meant an unplanned outing to the grocery with all the kiddos to pick up my phone, BUT gratefully, it had been well-charged(which is rarely that case) so I was able to find it.

Since we were going to be out, I decided to throw coordinating clothes on all the kids and stop by Central Park and take some pictures so if we actually get to the Christmas Card this year, I’d have one to use.  It was Jack’s day  to sit by Creed; partway there he informs me that Creed stinks.  He tends to have an overzealous nose so I really didn’t think anything of it.  We get to the park, get everyone out, and start scouting places out for pictures.  After a couple of pictures, I pick Creed up and feel something wet.  Yep, and out-of-diaper experience for him, and Elizabeth is now sporting some of it on her top.  No biggie.  Just a little baby poop. 😉  So we finish up our group shots quickly with Creed not smiling in any (can’t blame him)being careful to not wear any more.  Then I changed his diaper putting the only diaper I had with me. This particular diaper had been sitting in the van for who knows how long and something had spilled on it, but it woudl still work.  I was grateful for a warm day in which he could just wear a shirt and diaper and skipped his individual pictures.  I continued taking pictures of all the kids, we went to HEB, got the phone and a couple other things.

Somehow, I still managed to finish our school work, do some laundry and some sewing, go to the park by our house for a walk, and fix dinner.  What could have been a bad day, was a great day.  A great day that ended with a stoneware plate full of enchiritos being dropped on the tile floor and breaking into a million pieces.  It was just a plate and some food.  We have paper towels, we have a vaccuum, we have a mop and a focus on what is important and kids that aren’t stessed that mom is upset over a series of unfortunate events.  Thank you Knox for teaching us those things, and help us Lord to remember them when we are tempted to overreact.

***and yes pictures are coming.


8 responses to “Learning From Knox —Not Sweating the Small Stuff

  1. You amaze me. Continually.

  2. Rachel…

    How I needed to read this today. Yesterday we had one of those days when I “sweated the small stuff” all day. It was “ONE OF THOSE DAYS” in all caps. Then last night ran into a friend and heard about the mom I posted about on HK, who died suddenly while sitting at Sonic with her family. After grieving all night for her three little girls, I woke up this morning so convicted about the very things you’re saying here. Even though we were off schedule this morning, I stopped and had a rubber-band-shooter contest with the kids. We didn’t accomplish all we wanted to in school, but we talked about mourning and being comforted, and had a special prayer time for the family who has lost their mom.

    All I could think of last night was “what if that had been my kids who had lost their mom suddenly, after the day we had today?” It really does change your perspective and remind you of what is important.

    Thank you for continuing to share how God is working through Knox!

  3. I pray that I could respond as you did. As I read your account, I kept score in my mind regarding how many opportunities I would have had to sin if it had happened to me.

    I scored 100. (I’ve got a lot of work to do.)

  4. Thanks. Words I need to be reminded of often.

  5. I had a similar day today and none of it mattered. I’m so thankful to be able to deal with the small stuff that comes with a home and family. It’s an overwhelming blessing.

  6. Just came back to read this again…after the house went from total quiet to total chaos in less than 5 minutes and Gracie walked in with gum matted in the very front of her hair. 🙂 I’m reminding myself that it *is* just hair, and it *will* grow out…in a year or so! 😉

  7. Rachel, thank you for a sweet reminder and a much needed one to cherish the moment and count each experience as part of the holy.

  8. Wow what a day! And I love how your stories of Knox and how this has changed your life affects so many people. A side note: how’re those enchiritos working out for you guys? I know we love your pot pie recipe! 🙂

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