Creed at 6 Months

Here is what Creed has been up to lately:

He has the bottom two teeth.

He is a babbler.

He gives kisses.

He sits and plays with toys.

He still gets me up a lot at night. 😉

He tried cereal and bananas and refused them both.

He makes everyone smile.

Now for pictures!

Snuggling with Jack


His “I’m so happy I can’t stand it” expression


Teething is such hard work!!


This little horse was one of Anne Michal’s first toys.  It has seen an ocean of slobber.


It is never too early to learn math.


Playing with Anne Michal.



6 responses to “Creed at 6 Months

  1. Love this post. . .I PROMISE I don’t TRY to make Creed laugh in church. He just laughs all on his own and then makes me laugh. He is too cute.

  2. So cute! And I do try to make him laugh on purpose – he has such a contagious laugh. But sometimes I get carried away and scare him. That I don’t mean to do. And I feel really really really bad when it happens.

  3. Oh he is so cute!!! I just wanna squeeze him. Will you squeeze him for me? Just a bit?? °Ü°

  4. The picture with Anne Michal is precious! He is so stinkin’ cute who wouldn’t try to get him to laugh on purpose? Alexis was excited when y’all were at the back of the church yesterday and he was “looking our way”, she was convinced he was smiling at her. 🙂

  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmhm. That baby is too cute. Pretty much the cutest baby I’ve ever laid eyes on, and that says a LOT, because I am not really a baby person. =)

  6. Sooooooooooooooooooo cute!

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