A Snow Day in Texas

So the day starts with Jon getting ready to leave early this morning and telling me that their is snow on the ground.  I tell him he is kidding me though I really do believe him.  This immediately reminded me of  Dec ’97 in MS when we got 7 in only it was me telling him it snowed and his not wanting to believe me!  Anyway, he went and woke any of the kids that were still sleeping.  Because we all know that when it snows this far south it may be gone as quick as it came.  They all got dressed and ready to go outside.

Problem is that being in TX and all, we kind of ditched all the winter gear as it was just something else to  store  and be in the way so they are scrambling trying to find even mismatched gloves, trying to figure out what shoes to wear, and  pretty much settling for socks for mittens.

Here come all the pictures; I think I have come to the conclusion that I  have some unique children.

Emma kept running around like she had never seen snow before though she has actually seen it a number of times during winter travels.  Notice the mismatched gloves.


Anne Michal throwing a snowball at an unsuspecting Jack.


Elizabeth was apparently suffering from seasonal confusion disorder and wore goggles to keep the snow out of her eyes.  Oh, and I am pretty sure those are soccer socks on her hands and arms.  Nothing like combining playing in the snow, swimming, and soccer in one outing.


a group shot…doesn’t Jack look cold?


Their feet.  All but Anne Michal had on crocs.  Emma’s feet are on the left.  Look close. Those are not flesh-colored socks but barefeet in those crocs.  I didn’t notice until later when she came in asking for socks for her feet.  (Now might be a good time to mention that they came in and out just short of a bazillion times in 20 minutes)


More snowball action.


Any good Texan knows that when you get little accumulation on the ground you have to rely on surfaces like picnic tables and cars to get enough snow to make snowballs.


The mini snowman they made with almond eyes and a hankerchief around his neck.  I wonder if they named him?


Creed’s picture in the snow.   If you look closely, you’ll see it out the window.


By lunch it had all melted, but it started snowing again around 3 and kept snowing for several more hours.  THe kids went back out around 5 as it started really accumulating and played for a while.  We had community group so they all came in and warmed up.   I noticed when I went out to take pictures(some of the above are from that time rather than this morning) that it was great snowman snow.  By the time community group was over the ground was well covered.  Not knowing when they’d get the chance again to make a snowman, they suited back up and went out once again.   THis was around 8 PM.

Jack was so cold last time, so I layered him in pj bottoms and then fleece PJ’s that were really too small and a dry jacket(thanks Fergusons for leaving it at the house so he’d have a dry jacket!) .


Elizabeth rolling a snowball and then falling on it.


On the jungle gym.


They started in the backyard but then decided that not only did they need more snow but they wanted the snowman in the front yard where he could be seen.  Here is Elizabeth carrying her ball across the driveway.


Jack appears to be quite talented in the snowman making category.


Notice Emma’s outfit.  She had on pants and a dress as well  as numerous socks and her crocs.  At least she owns a hat.


In front of their snowman and snowwoman.  Jack is holding snowbaby.  Notice they pretty much depleted the yard of all its snow.  I am pretty sure they’ll remember this for a long time.  Good thing they made their snowmen tonight because it is already melting.


Staying in with Daddy wore Creed out!


And now I am looking forward to 70 degrees again!


20 responses to “A Snow Day in Texas

  1. That was HILARIOUS!! Love the goggles, Elizabeth!You’ve already had more snow then us. Which is good!

  2. FUN! We have only had a teeny dusting so far and my children are so hoping for more soon! It reminds me of when Sharon’s tribe visited us last winter and we had a bit of snow.

  3. Wonderful memories!

  4. Is Jack flashing a gang sign in that pajama picture?


  5. Micah says, “I like your baby snowman, Jack!”

  6. Christopher says, “Hey Lizzy, I like that outfit!”

  7. Micah says, “I like the other snowmen too!”

  8. How fun!

  9. Those are wonderful pictures!! And you have more snow there than we do in Missouri! 😉

  10. Holly loves your little snowman and thinks Creed is cute!

  11. Cool snowmen!

  12. I also like the goggles Lizzy

  13. You did a great job documenting that important event! Our pictures are still in the camera.

  14. Gorgeous pics! Here – where it really does get cold and frosty – my kids still wear crocs with bare feet when asked to run up to the store. Just another reason for them to be seen as belonging to that crazy Australian family!

  15. Rachel (the other one!)

    Creed looks like his grin is going to split himself in pieces!

    Looks like an unforgettable day! What a blast! Being unprepared just added to the fun and memories. 🙂

  16. You’re welcome on the jacket and actually, now you can just keep it since Kevin was nice enough to outgrow his for Colton. So for now we are good. Besides, you never know – we may have another snow day soon…

  17. Do Not Grow Weary

    I love the pictures and the snowmen. What fun!!!!! 🙂

    ~ Rachelle

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