The Second Day of Christmas

my true love gave to me:

Two Turtle Doves
The Old and New Testaments, which together bear witness to God’s self-revelation in history and the creation of a people to tell the Story of God to the world.

(* from here*)

We declared today puzzle day.  The kids opened this puzzle. Sneakign in a little education along with some fun is always a good idea. 😉


Anne Michal doing 1-2-3 go!


The pile.


Hard at work; we learned a bit about longitude and latitude at this point.  Anne Michal and Jack were the main kids working on it.  Elizabeth wasn’t feeling well and Emma has sewing on the brain.


Making progress….a new picture upon completion!


One response to “The Second Day of Christmas

  1. Jack, don’t you need Grandma there to help you? I was thinking the other day about all the puzzles we did together awhile back.

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