The Twelve Days of Christmas

This year we decided to do something new and celebrate the 12 days of Christmas partly because we love extending the celebration and partly in our quest to be more observant of the church calendar. Advent is the days leading up to Christmas and Christmas itself actually goes from our traditional Christmas day to Epiphany on Jan 6 which marks the visit of the Wise Men to Jesus.  If you want to read a bit more information on the church calendar you can do so here. (As a disclaimer, I do not know much about the other content on this site).  There are various ideas as to whether the lyrics to the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” really have meaning or whether they are just nonsense.

Jon is on vacation for the 12 days of Christmas and we are going to be celebrating in some way spending time together in observance of these 12 days.  We will also continue with our Christmas devotions that started with Advent and go through Epiphany. These devotions can be found here. I will do my best to keep up with pictures and blogging about those days.


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