Jack’s 5th Birthday


With his Cars Cake…apparently when you turn 5 you turn into  a very cool and contemplative customer.



Trying to blow out his candles.


Still trying…


Still trying….Good thing we are good Presbyterians that do not believe in luck.


His presents were wrapped in orange paper. 😉


Opening cards from Elizabeth and Miranda.


Ayden made him a pair of very cool binoculars.  He loved them.


Showing the motorcycle he built with the kit from Grandma.


The new Jammies I made him.    I appliqued a 5 on them since he is 5.


His new ride.


For cuteness.


5 responses to “Jack’s 5th Birthday

  1. They have alot of those rides at New Tribes. They are so cool. I had a hard time staying off of one.

  2. Happy Birthday, Jack!! Looks like a totally fun day and that cake is awesome! =)

  3. happy birthday Jack. we love you, ms peggy and bo

  4. Love this pics Rachel. Happy Birthday Jack! We love you.

  5. Hppy birthday Jack! And I see some long- green panted legs with dangling baby feet in the background of a few of these pictures. 🙂 Thanks so much for keeping her and for taking care of the dog and cat – tell Anne Michael thanks so much and we will see y’all soon!

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