A Jack Funny

Sometimes the Kroger near our house, gets swarmed by blackbirds.  Normally we just refer to these birds as the Kroger birds even if they aren’t at Kroger.  It is really rather creepy when it is bad, but fortunately my kids haven’t seen The Birds, and so they are quite fascinated by it.  The other night when we were at Maggie Moo’s the birds were there in full force.  Anne Michal asked, “I wonder why crows like Kroger so much?”  Jack quipped, ” Because it is crow-ger.”

And because there should always be photodocumentation even if blurry…



5 responses to “A Jack Funny

  1. Those grackles have been causing havoc around the community for years. They don’t taste good (and they know it) so they’re safe–even if annoying.

  2. Teeheehee! you crack me up, Jack.

  3. Oh those things are so gross! I’m with Anne Michal and wonder why they love Kroger’s so much, thanks for the explanation Jack! 🙂

  4. That was funny Jack.

  5. That is TOO FUNNY!!!! The Birds have always creeped me out at Kroger…fortunately, I’ve never hit or been hit by one. =)

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