Out and About

This was a sweet moment.

The kids and I went to the HEB in CS.  The greeter stopped and talked to us while getting the kids balloons(which of course we let go in the parking lot later and watch them fly).  She told me that we reminded her of the family she grew up in as she had two sisters and two brothers.  She said she was the youngest and the only one still living.  Elizabeth was right by Creed’s side as usual and she said in regard to Elizabeth, “This one reminds me of my sister.  She was 15 years older than me and was always with me.  She was like a second mother helping to take care of me.”  Then she told me how her sister had died last summer. We chatted a bit more about our families and  then as we started to walk away, she came back up to Elizabeth and gave her a big squeeze and thanked her for reminding her of her sister.   It was a sweet moment.


5 responses to “Out and About

  1. :love: that’s precoius!

  2. that makes me weepy happy…

  3. So many sweet or funny things happen to you at a grocery store. You’d think you went there sometimes.

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