The Sedentary Gene: Is it faltering?

Our babies are nown for a strong sedentary gene.  Out of 6 kids, none have walked before a year other than a few faltering steps.  The latest one has walked has been 16 months.  One crawled at 9 months the rest more like 10 months.  Knox may have rolled over before 6 months but not much earlier and none of the others did.  Two of them didn’t roll over until 9 months.

About 2 months ago, Creed rolled over 5 times from the front to the back in one day.  This was while lying on  my bed so I am not sure it counts and seeing as how he hasn’t done it since I am pretty certain it doesn’t.  Then the other day, Elizabeth comes running to tell me Creed has rolled over from his back to his front while playing on the floor.  If I don’t see it, then it hasn’t happened. 😉  I mean who knows what sort of encouragement and assistance he had.  However, last night at 2AM he was screaming hysterically.  I go over to his bed and lo and behold he is on his tummy.  He was sooo mad!!  6:30 AM he is on his tummy.  Has the sedentary gene been conquered?  He is only 7 1/2 months old.  He is 1 1/2 months ahead of schedule!!


2 responses to “The Sedentary Gene: Is it faltering?

  1. Uh oh, I can’t wait to see how early he starts walking! 😉

  2. Mmmmmmmmm I hope Judah gets that gene, cause Isaac has always been all over the place.
    Congrats, Creed, for being ahead of the game. LOL

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