It was a big day at our house today

I am sure you mind might be thinking of any number of things that might have happened that would make it such a significant day, but I can pretty much guarantee you that you would be wrong.  It doesn’t involve any of the kids, but the dad himself.  He read a book.  Not so remarkable, eh?  He practically reads books for a living.  But this wasn’t just any book; this was a very special book.  We are talking about one of my favorite books of all times; one of our  children was named for the author.   He read AND ENJOYED (did you catch that..I said read AND ENJOYED) Pride and Predjudice.   No more lingering in the doorway pretending NOT to watch the movies any more.  He can own up to it and relax on the couch and watch them with me.  Not only did he ENJOY it, but he was later reading something else and started chuckling about Lady Catherine de Bourgh.  He is also looking forward to reading another Jane Austen book.  Hey, I bet he’ll even blog about it.


3 responses to “It was a big day at our house today

  1. So proud of him.

  2. It’s about time he figured out something about his daughters’ names!

    So, which one is next in line?

  3. Jon has gone over to the Dark Side. Sigh.

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